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DRIVEN By Results

In our own business if you're not producing results you're not going to have any clients! Our team creates an action plan for each client and we execute that plan no matter what it takes! We anticipate changes and ruthless time frames and have always operated with a customer first focus and mentality. 

Recruiting / Employee Retention 

Today's employment market is one of the most challenging times to recruit and has also affected employee retention. Wages are climbing and benefits and culture have topped the needs list for strong candidates, so how do you recruit and retain those key team members?  DRIVE has the tools for just that!

Company Video

It is really difficult to explain the reasons a potential candidate should join your organization, so tell them your story instead!

We create every aspect of this produced video from the storyboard, interview scripts, and fully edit both the video and audio to create an impactful and highly effective video. 

Digital Job Ads

JPG Brigade_Job Posting-Apprentices_2_2x.jpg

Our custom designed ads ensure accurate and effective recruiting solutions. We use our digital and social media expertise to properly position your ads in areas that have the most potential candidates seeing your ads.

We create an automated system to respond and track these leads to ensure the potential candidates are being responded to immediately and qualified for your team.

Video Job Ads

To create immediate interest and understanding about your company and the open positions you're hiring for a Video Ad works exceptionally well when done right. 

Like all our solutions, we handle 100% of the process, setting up and coaching your team to shine like movie stars. 

Social Recruiting Tools


Our social media experts find potential job candidates and ensure our ads are running in optimal locations and in the most efficient time frames.


We continue to optimize your ad structures including the number of ads running, location, and conversion analytics. Our software generates pre-qualified job candidates for your HR person/team which limits unqualified candidates and saves time and money. 

Recruiting System 

DRIVE utilizes every available tool to create interest in your job openings, from there we follow this system to ensure the right candidates make their way through the system.

Though each step of this process is the same for each client the approach and execution are matched exclusively for your business.    


Online Job Applications

Screen Shot 2022-01-21 at 4.49.42 PM.png

Part of our candidate generation process includes providing our clients with an quick online application. If you have some one interesting in your job no reason to stop them from applying 24/7 365! 


These online applications are 100% customizable with HIPPA complinace and custom questions and layout.  

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